Welcome to Krazy Fitâ„¢ Detroit!



Bungee Fit

Our Bungee Fit Group Classes run every day and are Krazy Fun in every way! Bungee Fit focuses on full body work outs that get your heart pumping to its cardio max in just 15 seconds with little stress on the rest of your body! Classes run 20 minutes long and that is all you need, say what!! We offer various group fitness packages that will fit with your budget and schedule! Come in today to schedule your FREE Bungee Fit Assessment!


Kangaroo Jump Fit Classes

Our Kangaroo Jump Fit Classes are a great source of cardio that is designed to be light impact on your joints and high cardio! Jump Fit is a great class to build up stamina, balance and endurance as well as aid in muscle gain and weight loss! We promise it will be the most fun you have ever had working out!