Meet Our Krazy Fit™ Team!


Dione Johnson-Manager

Dione Johnson is the owner of Krazy Fit Detroit, along with her husband Andre Johnson.  She has been passionate about health from a holistic approach for over 20 years. She is currently a Nurse Practitioner and has been in the nursing field for over 24 years.  She became certified as a digestive enzyme specialist in 2017 and believes that proper nutrition and exercise is essential to health. Becoming a certified bungee and jump fit instructor was a match made in heaven, given the workout encompasses a total body workout without impact on the joints. The workout is like no other, so come get KRAZY FIT with me and the team!


Andre Johnson-Trainer

My name is Andre Johnson and I am the elder of the group! I have been exercising and working out on and off since I can remember. I have had years that I was satisfied with my achievements but mostly it has been a struggle. Since I have become involved in Krazy Fit it has added fuel to the fire. I am working out more and excited about the changes I’m seeing. It has been the hardest work out I have ever tried but at the same it has been the most fun. I’m ready for the challenge so follow me and lets get KRAZY FIT! 


Guessner Williams-Office Manager

I'm from River Rouge, Michigan, mother of three, and i attended Western Michigan University.  I'm a retired early childcare administrator and teacher.  I retired from teaching after being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009.  I learned to rethink my lifestyle and reinvent myself.  I'm a Yogi and vegetarian and I promote well living which includes daily exercise, healthy eating, and healthy thinking.  Since March 2017, I have lost 108 lbs due to a lifestyle of wellness.  I am also the founder of the Multiple Sclerosis connection.  My mission is to spread love, empowering messages of faith, hope, and strength by promoting and encouraging to live your best life!


Pete Johnshon-Trainer

Lawrence Johnson also known as "Pete the Trainer" has been personal training for the last 3 years in the Metro Detroit area. While working as a physical therapy aide he developed a love for health and fitness through the benefits of helping others. Lawrence prides himself on being a (Physical Motivator) by keeping training fun at all times, "Exercise can be done anywhere with anything!"


B’yonca Bolden-Trainer

Wife, mother, corporate professional, event Planner, Zumba Instructor, track and cheerleading coach and now a Krazy Fit Instructor! How does she do it all?Everything she does she absolutely LOVES. Through her multiple commitments, she has learned the potential of what could be accomplished in one day. BB started her fitness journey about 8 years ago when marriage and happiness got the best of her. She lost 40 lbs then found out she was pregnant with 1st born Zoey Autumn. About 3 years after, she jumped back on the fitness bandwagon and lost 48 lbs and later found out she was pregnant with 2nd born Robert Jr. About a year and a half later she was introduced to jump fit and the bungee workout by a church friend and was asked to join the team of instructors. The 1st time she put those boots on she fell in love and didn’t want to take them off. BB is looking forward to this new fitness journey and is excited about the people she can pull along with her and excited about changing lives. Let’s get KRAZY Fit!


Victoria Payne-Trainer

Victoria Payne; wife, mother, sister, niece, co-worker and friend. Victoria believes investing in people is the most valuable investment in life. She has been a fitness trainer since 1998, and a certified fitness trainer since February 11, 2019. She joined the personal training field to help make fitness fun while getting fit. Victoria, currently, is a home maker where she runs the business of her home. Becoming a home maker is where she has learned about giving the best she has to her loved ones and nothing less as well as being compassionate to the needs of others. The return, is value. We determine our own value by giving to others. “The more I give the greater the value and what an investment!”


Faith Gardenhire-Trainer

My name is Faith Gardenhire and I am Krazy to get FIT! I started my fitness journey about 5 years ago when I was unhappy with my weight and constant yo-yo dieting. I decided to seek help, so I joined a program where I worked out regularly and logged/kept track of my caloric intake. I lost 22 pounds and have managed to maintain the weight loss with a little gain here or there. I enjoy staying healthy; I pray to live a long and prosperous life, but I must do my part to keep my temple Fit. One can get bored and stagnant with the same fitness routines at the gym, so I am honored to take part in KrazyFit. It takes a Krazy person to keep up with the high intensity and energy of the routines, but I am the girl for the job. Let’s get Krazy!